Our distinctive Gazebos crafted in the Old World Tradition of superb workmanship and pride will ensure years of
pleasure and enjoyment while enhancing the appearance and value of you property.

Wood Gazebos

Specifications- pressure treated southern yellow pine, cedar shake shingles, laminated 4" x 4" posts, 1 1/2" x 6" milled decking boards, turned spindle railings, 2" x 6" floor joists bolted and bracketed at joints.

The Benefits of a Wood Gazebo over Vinyl...

You can select a stain to your exact liking.
More choices in stain color than with the composite choices.
It is cheaper up front (read below to see why it ends up a tie game).
It can be about 15% less than price of a Vinyl Structure.
Wood has a "tighter" construction; Vinyl is actually pressure treated wood wrapped
in a Vinyl sleeve so there's a little more give.
The material we use- pressure treated wood in Southern Yellow Pine-comes with a Lifetime Warranty.
Southern Yellow Pine is our favorite is the best wood we found that absorbs the wolmanized treatment.
Has a more rustic, traditional look to compliment your property.
More options to choose from in wood; more selections for example in the posts or the spindles.
You can have a wooden gazebo painted in practically any color.

But Consider This… Requires yearly bi-annual staining, sealing, and treating.
Proper maintenance is critical. If your new gazebo isn’t maintained you run the risk of warping, cupping (when the boards curl up on the sides), and splinters.
Because it’s a natural-made product, wood over time may become uneven in its appearance.
If part of your gazebo is shaded for example, it may be darker than areas that are prolonged to the sun.
Sometimes- if the flooring isn’t stained within the first few months and if it gets
direct sunlight, you could see some boards starting to warp.
It can splinter and crack over time if you ignore the required yearly treatment of
cleaning and restaining, it can take on a dull grey look.
Since it's 100% natural, the color will fade over time and you may notice just a little warping.

Vinyl Gazebos

Specifications- Vinyl gazebo are constructed the same as wood gazebos then all the wood is sleeved over in vinyl. Differences between wood and vinly gazebos- solid vinyl braces and trim, square spindles, architectural shingles with 1/2" plywood roof sheathing, composite decking, white or red brick base.

The Benefits of a Vinyl Gazebo over Wood...

Never have to stain, seal and treat.
Stand up better to water, much better if your gazebo will house a pool or spa.
Looks like wood- same great appearance.
Much smoother No splinters!
Easy to match the color to complement your house.
The color won't fade over time like a Wood Gazebo can.
No danger of shrinkage, rotting, or termites.
Gives a more uniform appearance throughout the whole gazebo.
Rot resistant- the planks last longer than wooden decks.
Clean up is as easy as getting the garden hose and spraying it down.
Never any cracking like a Wood Gazebo can over time.
The Vinyl material itself comes with a lifetime warranty.
Easy cleaning-use a pressure washer once a year to remove any build up
using our Secret Cleaning Formula.
Compared to wood or even metal, vinyl gazebos are lighter, making it easier when you decide to freshen the look of your yard by moving the gazebo.

But Consider This…

Doesn't give the choice of colors like wood does.
Upon a closer look, you can tell it’s not wood.
Slightly higher material cost (but you will probably break-even as you’ll
have no expense with maintenance.)
All composites will fade a little bit- but it fades uniformly and most people won’t notice it.
Sometimes Vinyl can expand or contract a bit, but not to the point of causing structural damage.

Prefabricated Kits

Our kits come neatly packaged and palletized for convenience of forklift handling. Our do-it-yourself kits include all materials and hardware needed to build a complete Gazebo. It is prefabricated as much as possible to minimize assembly time. No cutting is necessary. All pieces are precut. Assemble in four to six hours with two people. Kits are also nice for transporting through areas which are too narrow for an assembled Gazebo.

Kits can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.A.

Kit Instructions -Deluxe, Victorian, Ontario, Superior, Vinyl Screen Kit
gazebo kit


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