board'n batten cottage

The cottage is an appealing model for your backyard, featuring an 18" overhang on the front eave over the doors. The off-center roof line gives your building a distinct look to compliment your landscape. The cottage has 5/12 roof pitch, rear wall height is 6' 4" inside, front wall height is 7' 11" inside. The cottage is also available with a 3' x 8' inset porch as shown in picture to right (with or without railings)

Features - 6 year top to bottom warranty, available in multiple sizes, 8' x 8' through 12' x 48'. Four Siding Choices: 50 year LP Smart Panel, Fir Duratemp Siding, Lifetime Vinyl Siding, and Board'n Batten Wood Siding.

Cottage Framing (except board'n batten)
4" x 4" pressure treated runners
2" x 4" pressure treated floor joists 16" on center
5/8" engineered floor sheathing with 10-year warranty (plywood available)
2" x 4" wall and rafter studding on 16" centers
Choice of 1/2" plywood or 7/16" OSB roof sheathing
All framing, sheathing, and shingles are fastened with nails
4" overhangs all the way around, the cottage has an 18" overhang above door
Lifetime warranty architectural shingle roof with seven color options
Fifteen color options for siding and trim
2- windows 18" x 23" on 10' x 14' and smaller and 24" x 27" on 10' x 16' and larger
windows can be placed anywhere on building
one piece aluminum piano door hinge (except vinyl buildings)
full 2" x 4" door framing - doors do not sag or warp (except Madison)
one door - 6' wide gets 36" door, 8' wide gets 4' door, 10' wide gets 5' door,
12' and 14' wide gets 6' door
doors can be placed on any wall on cottage style sheds
Outside Height, Width and other measurements can be found here Shed Dimensions

duratemp cottage

The LP Coated T1-11 Cottage
plywood roof sheeting
5/8" LP coated shed flooring
5/8" fir T1-11 siding with wood grain trim
2- windows with wood shutters
shown with optional cupola

vinyl cottage The Vinyl Cottage
1/2" plywood roof sheeting
1/2" plywood wall sheeting
lifetime vinyl siding
wood grain aluminum trim
5/8" LP coated shed flooring
fiberglass door with butt hinges
2- windows with aluminum wood grain trim
cottage comes standard with vinyl louvered shutters
board'n batten cottage The Board'n Batten Cottage
1" thick kiln dried vertical pine boards with battens
2" x 4" horizontal framing 4' on center with cross ties
paint or stain
1/2" plywood roof sheeting
5/8" LP coated flooring
2- windows, no shutters
shown with optional gable end vents
cedar cottage The Cedar Cottage
horizontal ship lap cedar siding
1/2" plywood wall sheeting
1/2" roof sheeting
2- windows, shown with shutters
shutters are not standard on cedar cottage

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